Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ahhhh...the mid-west.

I love the mid-west. I mean, really. I can't say enough about it. Started this tour off about a week ago doing a little singing with Danny Schmidt at Denison University and then headed to Columbus, OH to hang out with one of my very best friends and her beautiful family. Had a great show at a little space called Victorian's Midnight Cafe. I attached a photo, but have never done that on the blog site....not sure how it's all gonna turn out. Anyway, I can't express how fun the show was.....I had cousins there and friends from High School (they even drove down from Cleveland!). A quick thank you to all that attended. I loved meeting all sorts of new folks, too. Following my time in Columbus, I headed to Cincinnati for a radio show and performance. The folks at Leo's Coffeehouse were incredibly supportive and sweet. Can't wait to go back and play there again.

I'm now in Wisconsin visiting mom. Feels good to have a couple days off to regroup and spend time with family. Our lives here in WI revolve around eating....the menu for the week has been planned. There's a lot of wine involved, too. Oh, and Yahtzee (and by the way, I'm pretty sure I got the highest yahtzee score in the history of this family just last night. I wouldn't even kid about such a thing. Mom and I went through the old score cards dating back MANY years and didn't find another score of 429).
And so, my next performance is in Oshkosh on Thursday night. Home of the overalls. Awesome. Friday night will be in Madison and then I head to Chicago for my last show of the tour.
Thanks to all the folks that have been out to the shows so far. It means so much to me......
Take good care.
Much love to you all.