Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carrie's sweet list of goodness....AUSTIN, TX!!!

1. danny and the rest of my sweet friends taking good care of me after my fall.
2. my back being on the mend
3. my iPhone (was i already thankful for that on my last list???)
4. walks with miss lucy the big black dog
5. delicious slices of salami dipped in queso at whitney's birthday party.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Carrie's sweet list of goodness.....

1. playing in chicago for the most beautiful folks. thanks britton, michelle, slade and doug for making the trip (and thank you for bringing cool friends, too). you rule. and you are the reason i keep doing this.

2. quality time with my very inspiring friend, britton.

3. more family time (including yahtzee and time on the boat).

4. being chosen as a new song regional finalist.

5. listening to chris o'brien whilst driving to chicago (i screamed the song "cigarettes and rain"about 100 times).

Friday, August 1, 2008

Stolen idea from my friend Dev......

Well, I've been absolutely terrible about keeping up with the blog. And every time something fun happens, I say,"I gotta put that in my blog." And then I never do. friend and fellow musician was touring through Texas a couple months back and suggested I post blogs in a similar fashion to her. And now I'm gonna do it. She posts the five highlights of her day, or few days.....a sweet list of goodness, if you will. So, I'm now going to do a similar thing. And maybe I'll just call it my sweet list of goodness.
And so, y'all should check out Dev's music because she's one of my most favoritest musicians ( Her blog's always fun to read, too. She's just a fun gal in general.

So here it is, my first time posting.....

1. spending time with the family in wisonsin

2. emerging at the falcon ridge folk festival

3. drinking brandy with good friend and fellow emergent, robby hecht (or bobby hecht....whatevs)

4. meeting otis hatch.....the sweet baby of nels and julia.

5. singing with danny schmidt and chris o'brien at club passim