Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carrie's sweet list of goodness.....The East Coast.

Carrie’s sweet list of Goodness…..East Coast Shows and awesomeness.

1. Playing shows with Danny. Period.
2. Arm wrestling after brunch (with a very large Greek man)
3. Sweet moment at benefit concert with Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule
4. Beautiful folks at Rapunzels Coffee and Books in Lovingston, VA
5. Cousins wedding in Bethlehem

A quick thank you to all the folks along the way. This tour has been lovely. All of it. From Fran in NYC to Tom in Blacksburg. I’m so thankful for these shows…they’ve been oh so great. So thanks. Thanks. THANKS!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carrie's sweet list of goodness.....good company & refreshing days

1. Lauren and Maya's visit
2. Skype!
3. Mountain Biking with Bryan and not falling until I reached the parking lot
4. Swimming at Barton Springs
5. Feeling almost healed from the fall off the sink
6. Labor day girl's weekend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carrie's sweet list of goodness....AUSTIN, TX!!!

1. danny and the rest of my sweet friends taking good care of me after my fall.
2. my back being on the mend
3. my iPhone (was i already thankful for that on my last list???)
4. walks with miss lucy the big black dog
5. delicious slices of salami dipped in queso at whitney's birthday party.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Carrie's sweet list of goodness.....

1. playing in chicago for the most beautiful folks. thanks britton, michelle, slade and doug for making the trip (and thank you for bringing cool friends, too). you rule. and you are the reason i keep doing this.

2. quality time with my very inspiring friend, britton.

3. more family time (including yahtzee and time on the boat).

4. being chosen as a new song regional finalist. http://www.newsong-music.com/contest/regional_rounds/Southwest.html

5. listening to chris o'brien whilst driving to chicago (i screamed the song "cigarettes and rain"about 100 times). www.chrisobrienmusic.com

Friday, August 1, 2008

Stolen idea from my friend Dev......

Well, I've been absolutely terrible about keeping up with the blog. And every time something fun happens, I say,"I gotta put that in my blog." And then I never do. SOOOO....my friend and fellow musician was touring through Texas a couple months back and suggested I post blogs in a similar fashion to her. And now I'm gonna do it. She posts the five highlights of her day, or few days.....a sweet list of goodness, if you will. So, I'm now going to do a similar thing. And maybe I'll just call it my sweet list of goodness.
And so, y'all should check out Dev's music because she's one of my most favoritest musicians (http://www.devonsproule.com). Her blog's always fun to read, too. She's just a fun gal in general.

So here it is, my first time posting.....

1. spending time with the family in wisonsin

2. emerging at the falcon ridge folk festival

3. drinking brandy with good friend and fellow emergent, robby hecht (or bobby hecht....whatevs)

4. meeting otis hatch.....the sweet baby of nels and julia.

5. singing with danny schmidt and chris o'brien at club passim

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ahhhh...the mid-west.

I love the mid-west. I mean, really. I can't say enough about it. Started this tour off about a week ago doing a little singing with Danny Schmidt at Denison University and then headed to Columbus, OH to hang out with one of my very best friends and her beautiful family. Had a great show at a little space called Victorian's Midnight Cafe. I attached a photo, but have never done that on the blog site....not sure how it's all gonna turn out. Anyway, I can't express how fun the show was.....I had cousins there and friends from High School (they even drove down from Cleveland!). A quick thank you to all that attended. I loved meeting all sorts of new folks, too. Following my time in Columbus, I headed to Cincinnati for a radio show and performance. The folks at Leo's Coffeehouse were incredibly supportive and sweet. Can't wait to go back and play there again.

I'm now in Wisconsin visiting mom. Feels good to have a couple days off to regroup and spend time with family. Our lives here in WI revolve around eating....the menu for the week has been planned. There's a lot of wine involved, too. Oh, and Yahtzee (and by the way, I'm pretty sure I got the highest yahtzee score in the history of this family just last night. I wouldn't even kid about such a thing. Mom and I went through the old score cards dating back MANY years and didn't find another score of 429).
And so, my next performance is in Oshkosh on Thursday night. Home of the overalls. Awesome. Friday night will be in Madison and then I head to Chicago for my last show of the tour.
Thanks to all the folks that have been out to the shows so far. It means so much to me......
Take good care.
Much love to you all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, Danny Schmidt and I are one week in to our "World Tour of the West." It's been eventful thus far. We left Austin last Tuesday and headed to Lubbock. Driving through west Texas might not be the most exciting thing ever, but we managed to entertain ourselves by counting dead skunks for a good four hours. I know, it sounds like a dumb game, but you wouldn't believe how many we counted......26!! We also listened to one of my Favorite Woody Guthrie tribute records (Till We Outnumber them). It seemed appropriate, as we were driving through a very windy west Texas. It felt like the dust bowl....

Our first show of the tour was in Lubbock at LaDiosa Cellars, a great little wine bar in the warehouse district (at least I think that's where we were). We played the gig with local Lubbock artists, Violet Lea and Anthony Garcia....they were fantastic. Oh, and LaDiosa makes their own wine, and that's always fun.

Day two consisted of a very long drive to Taos, New Mexico, where I used to live. We played at the historic Taos Inn to a great crowd of folk. After the performance, we headed out to The Alley Cantina for a little Whiskey and blues (The Cullen Winter's Blues Band....a Taos favorite, for sure). On Friday we headed toward Colorado and landed in Carbondale, where we played a show at Steve's Guitars. It was incredibly intimate and lovely. Anyone that lives in Colorado and is able to make it to a show at Steve's should do so. He has a killer line-up and a comfortable listening room for folks that enjoy listening to singer/songwriters. It's worth the drive to Carbondale to meet Steve and visit his space.

From Carbondale, Danny and I made the trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado (another place I used to live). I must admit, it may not be the smartest time to be traveling through the mountains of Colorado. With record snow and with no four wheel drive, we've had a few stressful moments (I'll get to that in a little bit). Our show in Steamboat was at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School in a beautiful Pavilion with acoustics to match. Had a fun show there despite the wacky snowy roads.

Super bowl Sunday was a day off from playing music. It started with an early morning sledding trip and ended with martinis by the fire. In between consisted of a car accident and meeting up with old friends. The meeting up with old friends was fantastic. The car accident sucked. BUT, everyone involved is fine. No whiplash or anything of the likes. Just a little bit of the shakes and upset stomachs. Oh, and a dent in a car we don't own (sorry Donna and Phil). EEEEEEEK.

We're now in Denver in a very cozy home. We'll be playing in Boulder tonight at the Laughing Goat and then will head to a few other parts of Colorado to finish out the tour.

Welp, it seems this is another long blog. If I would just write everyday like originally intended, it'd be a lot easier to deal with.....

I hope ya'll are doing well. Take good care and don't forget to vote!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The new Blog.....

Well, here I am in blog world. It's exciting, really. I spent a good part of my morning writing a little piece for nessmp3, an independent music site coming out of the UK. The owner of the site describes it like so:

"Music Lovers can stream or download independent music and watch videos of bands,interviews and festivals.
Create a free "Member account" to interact with artists,become a fan, rate tracks and post reviews.Host your "Own Blog" upload images and even create your "Own Station" from music on the site.All Blogs have RSS feeds."

I highly recommend going to the site and taking a peek. It's pretty cool. www.nessmp3.com

Anywho, I'm now working with my publicist in the UK to get things moving over seas. I think for my first blog, I'll just cut and paste the message I wrote for nessmp3 this morning. It's the first time I sat down and put into words what the songs on the new record are about....

Here Goes:

Writing from across the waters.....

By carrieelkin, Posted 18/01/08 16:43:25

I am delighted to hear my record "The Jeopardy of Circumstance" is making its way across the water and into your ears. It's never easy to brag about your own record, but I will tell you this, the project was made with an enormous amount of joy and goodness. I believe this shines through on each and every track. One of my favorite songwriters, Danny Schmidt, described the project like this: "With the fire of Patty Griffin and the rawness of Rickie Lee Jones, Carrie Elkin's songs are, at once, intimate yet universal, naked yet richly adorned. The Jeopardy of Circumstance is an irresistibly joyful and spontaneous recording." The recording is a combination of gospel, old country, rock, americana, and folk. I do believe it's more fun to listen to a record when you know a little bit of the meaning of each song and perhaps a little about the process of creating the song in the studio. Feel free not to read all my rambles. I suppose this is like watching the preview for a movie. Some folks enjoy not seeing a preview at all and some folks love to know what might happen. If you're more like the latter, I encourage you to read on. This is the first time I've attempted to really describe what's going on in each song. I hope you'll come along for the journey......

The record opens with a slow sort of ambient song called "Obadiah". If I were to write my own little bible story, this would be it. It's really about struggle with spirituality in general and how that takes it's toll in every aspect of life. It's also about wanting to talk about this issue and not being able to. It's sort of ironic really, because I still don't REALLY explain it in the song. So it goes.

Track Two "Roots & Wings" is normally tagged as the "single" on the record. It's an inspirational song and a rocker all at the same time. I love the the guitar work and the organs. They fit the energy of the song perfectly. I grew up in Ohio....the mid-west.....and I've had this struggle for a long time with wanting the traditional mid-western lifestyle and also wanting to lead this non-traditional life of music. I've had the habit of getting myself into "comfortable" situations and after a year or two, getting antsy and mad at myself for not truly following my heart. I believe there's some sort of happy balance between the two.....

Track Three "Did She do Her Best" was a last minute addition to the record and is actually where the title "The Jeopardy of Circumstance" comes from. See track two and imagine me leaving the comfortable situation. This is the story of the heartache of leaving someone I loved very much and the guilt associated with that experience. Eeeek.

Track Four "Ode to Ogallala" would take a whole blog entry to explain. In short, I was touring in my 1979 VW Type II and the engine blew in Ogallala, Nebraska where I was stranded for two weeks. I ended up meeting up with a group of cowboys and working on a ranch and even doing a cattle drive! I had a big ol' crush on one of the cowboys and we had these really sweet innocent times together dancing and talking about cows. HA. It still makes me laugh.

Track Five "Questions About Angels" is probably my favorite track. Most folks have no idea what it's about but they tend to like it because I talk about Whiskey. I do love the Whiskey. Anyway, the song is really about how ugly money can make a man (or woman for that matter). It also incorporates religion and how folks go to church with complete disconnect and for some reason feel okay about that. I say go if you want to and understand why you're there or just don't go at all.

Track Six "Year Before the War" is a little about my Grandpa. He was a photographer (and is still alive at 97 years old). Now, please note, I used my imagination in this song A LOT. For instance, he wasn't married to a woman named Clair or Helen and he didn't drink. It's mainly about going blind and how that might affect the mind. I suspect, if you're a photographer, you think of your eyes as your heart. I know he did and when he lost his vision, he lost his ability to communicate through photographs.

Track Seven "Shell of a Man" is the old school country tune in the record. My family thinks it's the best sing-along track. It's not a real personal song. Basically, I was driving in the middle of nowhere and saw a shack with a sign that read "please stop, i'll read your palm". I imagined a man stopping and having this crazy old lady tell him his life line is short. I then imagined the man running about town thinking he was going to die and hooking up with all these ladies and then discovering he wasn't going to die after all. It's silly, really.

Track Eight "Broke TV" is the pop song. It sounds like a very happy song, but if you take a good listen, you'll hear that it's depressing as hell. The production on this one is real lazy, which suits the song. It also has a killer Melodica solo in the middle.

Track Nine "Black Lung" is certainly the most sad song. In fact, take the saddest song and multiply that by ten and that's how you'll feel after you listen to this one. It's about my other grandpa who died of black lung. Quite honestly, that's the only part of the song that's true. Oh wait, he did die when I was nine and it was in between our birthdays. The banjo on this song really carries it and gives it that old timey feel. The assistant engineer for the record LOVES this song. She stayed up night after night making it just how she wanted it and I greatly appreciate her efforts. She did an amazing job.

Track Ten "The Gospel Song" is where the love is! There were a lot of us in the studio hooting and hollering and carrying on. I wrote this song after meeting someone that really "got" me. He was really open to me and my music from the very beginning. He was also drunk when I met him. But at least I got a song out of it, right?

Well, I guess this sums it up. Your eyes and brain probably hurt you right now. Thanks so much for taking a listen to my music. I'd love your feedback and can't wait to follow the record across the ocean for a tour. Simply. Carrie

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is a Test Post

Her Last Song
It's no secret now, everyone knows
It's my shoulder the night uses to cry,
My bedroom with six hundred windows,
My feet where the truth comes to die.

My pillow where the moon can't stop weeping,
While the tide washes the prints in the sand,
Those eyes that seek out new meaning,
Your scarred, broken soul in my hands.

This pulse that's been chained to your sorrow,
Dandelions amidst lilies of snow,
Someday I will see through your disguise,
Someday pick my name from your lies.

Till then, I'll hide my soul in your scrapbook,
With the photographs there and the moss,
And I'll yield to the flood of yo